The History of Mile High Campers

The History of Mile High Campers

Welcome to Mile High Campers!

Mile High Campers EST: January 26, 2017

My wife and I are proud second generation Colorado Natives! We have been exploring the outdoors of Colorado with our two kids for years. One of our favorite family activities is to go camping! Our first family camping trip was in June of 2010 to Chatfield State Park. We were excited to take our kids for their first camping trip, but we were also a bit nervous as the kids were little and we were not sure how they would take to tent camping. Needless to say we strategically chose Chatfield State Park because it was within a few miles of our home just in case disaster struck!

Long story short the kids did great… but my wife and I realized WE were NOT tent campers, however, we enjoyed the outdoors and the family time that tent camping offered. With the camping bug still in the back of our minds and tent camping out of the question, we decided to open the door to the RV world to see what it had to offer…

As you can imagine opening the door to the RV world is like opening Pandora’s Box! Like most people we were overwhelmed with the all the different RV styles, floor plans & options available to help make camping a more enjoyable experience. We were sucked right in & could not wait to find an RV for our next family camping trip!  Like most working class families, having the extra money for a purchase like an RV is always an issue. We had to get realistic, purchasing a brand new RV was not going to be an option for us so we needed to find an RV that was going to be the best bang for our buck. I did what I always do in situations like this… I turned to craigslist.

I know people have mixed opinions when it comes to craigslist, but I have found craigslist to be a very useful resource when shopping on a budget. After weeks of searching ad after ad on craigslist I stumbled across a listing for a 2004 Prowler bumper pull travel trailer with a bunk house. With our two boys in mind, a bunk house was exactly what we were looking for! Unfortunately, the price was just slightly over our budget, so I hesitated at first to reach out to the seller. The Prowler was exactly what we were looking for and we really wanted to take a look at it, with that said curiosity got the best of me and I decided to contact the seller. After being honest and discussing with the seller where we were at on our budget, the seller still encouraged us to come out and take a look at the trailer anyway.  So we did… the prowler was better in person than what the craigslist ad depicted. My wife, kids and I immediately loved it!  Much to our surprise the seller decided to drop the price to meet our budget because they thought we would love the trailer and they wanted the trailer to go to a good home!  We felt so blessed and we could not wait to get the trailer out for our first RV family camping trip!

We purchased the 2004 Prowler Travel Trailer in August of 2010 and we have been RVing during the spring, summer and fall ever since. RVing isn’t all rainbows and lollipops, mishaps happen and every now and again you find yourself in a sticky situation...

However, RVing allows us to have some amazing family outdoor adventures! With 8 years experience under our belt we finally want to start sharing our experiences with hopes of motivating and inspiring people to put down the virtual world and get out and enjoy the real world! 

We created the Mile High Campers youtube channel as a place to share our outdoor and RV exploits!  Some activities that we like to do on our camping trips include boating, Jeeping, Fishing, Hiking & Biking, all of these activities will be shared on youtube in our Outdoor Adventure Vlog Series! On the Mile High Campers youtube channel you will also find several “How To” videos that are RV & outdoor related, as well as campground reviews.

If you like our videos and want to support us, please consider picking something up from our store! All decals are designed and made in house by us! I have been doing Vinyl Decals and Vehicle Graphics for a long time. I recently decided what better way to merge my love for Camping and the Outdoors with my ability to create Decals and Graphics than to start making them for fellow Campers and outdoor enthusiasts, thus the creation of our online store!! We have several RV camping trips booked for the summer so please check out and subscribe to the Mile High Campers channel and Join us on our next adventure!!

Thank you!

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