Welcome to Mile High Campers!!


We are a family that loves exploring the outdoors! Hiking, biking, camping, you name it, if it involves getting outside to enjoy nature we like to do it!! We are also a family that likes to be creative.

Erin Romero Has spent her entire career as an elementary school teacher inspiring children to develop a love for reading at an early age. She has taught first grade for fifteen years and earned a master’s degree in educational literacy, with the life long goal of writing children's books. Erin, also a Colorado native, enjoys outdoor adventures with her family!

Sara Richardson is a national bestselling author of women’s fiction. She has written over twenty full-length novels and is excited to be adding children’s literature to her library. Sara also a Colorado Native now Wisconsin transplant,  loves to explore the great outdoors and travel to new destinations with her family.

Mile High Campers is our collaborative platform to express our love for the outdoors through our individual creative talents and share it with you. Take your kids on a journey across the USA with the adventures of Scamper! For you romance lovers, curl up next to the fire and get lost in a cowboy romance novel. Express your love for the outdoors with one of our many outdoor recreation inspired decals!!