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Scamper and the Camper - Adventure at Mount Rushmore!

Scamper and the Camper - Adventure at Mount Rushmore!

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Scamper and the Camper - Adventure at Mount Rushmore!

Is the second book in the Scamper and the Camper children's book series!

Join Scamper and his friends for an epic adventure at Mount Rushmore, where they help with a daring rescue and discover a secret room hidden in the mountain. After doing their part to clean up the environment and keep the animals at the park safe, Scamper, Peanut, and Princess Petunia must race back to the camper before Hugo and Gertie discover they're gone. When there's a little ice cream mishap on the way, grumpy Princess Petunia ends up getting a bath while Scamper and Peanut dream about there their camper will take them next.

Key Themes:
- Friendship
- Adventure
- Working Together
- Getting Past Differences
- Welcoming a New Friend
- Helping Someone in Need

Physical Details

8.5" x 11" - x28 Full Color Pages


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Meet the Authors

S.E. Remley is the combined pen name of sisters Sara Richardson and Erin Romero, who are the authors of the Scamper and the Camper children’s book series. Both sisters are avid fans of traveling and are thrilled to take children of all ages on educational adventures with Scamper and his friends so they can learn about their world.